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Beijing Tri-High Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in 2003,engaged in R&D, manufacturing and application of membrane and water treatment products,especially for high COD water treatment. The products include hollow fiber UF membrane, tubular membrane and filter,long term fiber filter, automatic unplugging machine for tubulars, RO membrane housing,disc filter and other water treatment product and equipment which are in the world class with many references in landfill leachate,carbon resource utilization of restaurant and kitchen waste, wastewater softening with tubular membrane for ZLD, chlor-alkali, oil field, steel, power plant, coal chemical, wastewater reuse and food and beverage,etc. More than one thousand cases are well applied in the water treatment. Tri-High has unique technology and products for kitchen wastewater as carbon resource, AnMBR for biogas slurry and sludge dewater with zero chemicals in the world leading class.

The company has a R&D team working closely with customers for many years, developed oil resisting and high temperature tubular membrane and filter, long term fiber filter, special separation membrane, automatic unplugging machine,etc.to solve customers’ problem continuously and support their development.

The company has a strong after sales team with rich experience in analysing

and solving problems of membrane cleaning and pretreatment, solved the operation and maintenance problem for hundreds end user every year. There is an comprehensive network of after sales to ensure a periodical visit to identify and solve the problems at site.

The company is devoted in high COD wastewater and wastewater resourceful utilization, adhering to “sincerity, honest and trust”as company philosophy, pursuing quality and innovations continuously, providing good service to customers, try to achieve “treating the wastes with wastes”and contribute for the sustainable development of the world.

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